Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2021-03-04T03:47:39+00:00
How to join sabaqs provided by Amilsaheb?2021-03-04T03:43:19+00:00

To join the sabaqs provided by Janab Amilsaheb, you will need to obtain raza from Amilsaheb. Please contact Janab Amilsaheb directly during office hours or via email at He will determine what the appropriate sabaq group and timings are for you.

How do I join the Anjuman-e-Burhani, Toronto Google mailing list?2022-04-14T15:57:26+00:00

For the latest announcements & updates, subscribe to AeB Jamat mailing list (Online Form)

How and when to enroll your child in Madrasah?2021-03-04T03:22:34+00:00

To enroll your child for Madrasah-tul-Ezziyah, your child must be the age of 4 or above. Madrash-tul-Ezziyah also allows admission for younger children 3-1/2 years or above if they are toilet trained. On Registration day, you and your child are required to come to Masjid-us-Saifee to meet with the Head Moaalim.

For more info, please visit Madrasah-tul-Ezziyah website.

How do I register with Anjuman-e-Burhani, Toronto?2021-03-04T03:19:01+00:00

You can register by visiting the Jamat Office in person during normal office hours.  Jamat Office is located on the north side of the masjid complex at 8929 Bayview Ave, Richmond Hill and can be entered from the 2nd entrance door on the left. To make an appointment, call the Jamat Office at 1-905-882-0052 or Email at

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