First members of Dawoodi Bohra Jamaat in Toronto date back to early sixties when there at most six families. One would need to come up to Richmond Hill and use our Dunlop Observatory Telescope to spot one if any at all!


1975 – The first letter received from His Holiness blessing the intent of this community to form an official organization

1977 – Anjuman e Burhani Formalized its Board with 11 members By then the community had grown to about thirty families

1978 – The community’s spiritual leader in succession the 52nd Syedna, His Holiness Dr. Mohammed Burhanuddin visited Toronto for the 1st time and provided guidance to this community resulting in appointment of its 1st Aamil Saheb (CEO & President)


1982 – The community bought land at 8929 Bayview Ave and its President the Aamil Saheb moved into a cottage that was there, situated far from the city. The community now had about sixty families. Hence the Dawoodi Bohra Muslim jamaat became one of the FIRST pioneer ethnic communities to call Richmond Hill home in the true sense of the word! 

1986 – The design of the Masjid in Richmond Hill started. The foundation of the building was laid by his late Holiness Syedna Dr. Mohammed Burhanuddin


1990 – On 23rd September 1990 this Masjid was inaugurated, by his late Holiness, Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin who was provided a Key to the town of Richmond Hill by Mayor Bell. The community had grown to about a hundred families.


2001 – His Holiness had visited Toronto 5 times, his last visit here being in 2001 at the age of 89.

2004 – Administrative Office Complex was added to the Masjid to meet the community’s increasing administrative needs. It was designed to fit in with the original concept so as to become completely integrated with it.


2012 – The community purchased a prime parcel of land in the Muslim Cemetery, on Leslie Street also in Richmond Hill.

2016 – The community’s growth from a handful of 6 families in 1965 to 30 families in1978 when this property was purchased, to one 100 families in 1900 at the time of inauguration, reached over 600 families in 2005 and now stands at 900 families in all of GTA!

Back in 1960'sNow in 2020's